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May 11th, 2013 at 12:07 am

Psychological Antidotes and Soul Prescriptions

in: 2013

Darksoul Theatre“It’s about allowing people to face their inner fears to enjoy the darkness within their lives, because if they don’t enjoy the darkness, they get afraid of it later on.” So begins Mikhail Tank’s documentary “Psychological Antidotes and Soul Prescriptions,” which explains the story and origins of Darksoul Theatre. Not being immediately familiar with the subject, I found this documentary very interesting. Mikhail Tank has a storytelling manner, drawing the audience directly into his world and his life.

Growing up in Russia, Mikhail began to develop a desire for dark art at a very young age. “The darkness is where I find light,” he explains. After moving to the United States in high school, Mikhail became involved at a drama club. He soon discovered an enjoyment of creative performances, especially in front of an audience. This was the beginnings of what he would grow to call “Darksoul Theatre.”

Mikhail soon created his first music single, which became a hit on a local radio station. This then developed into performances, more hit singles, and continued recognition. Mikhail won several awards throughout his career, even managing to break a Guinness World Record in 2011 for the longest title of a music single.

Consisting of a combination of dark, soft-spoken music and theatrics, Darksoul Theatre is very performance-driven, often using costumes and masks as props. The documentary shows clips of several of these performances, which is just enough to gain a sense of the style of art that Mikhail displays. There are also plenty of photograph stills, interviews, and monologues; all of which blend together to form the identity of Mikhail, and of his very unique art.

“Psychological Antidotes and Soul Prescriptions” is an inspiring documentary about the life of Mikhail Tank. A sort of Cinderella story, although perhaps more similar to the Brothers Grimm version than the Disney version, Mikhail never gave up on his dreams, and on his vision. Darksoul Theatre really is about learning to accept the darkness within yourself, and, further, to use it to your advantage so that you can break away from negativity and follow your dreams. For those of you looking for a little boost of inspiration, “Psychological Antidotes and Soul Prescriptions” is definitely worth a viewing.







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